Co-Founder of DigitalLife starts up tech site for parents

Posted at 5:00 pm EST

Monica Vila, founder of, and daughter Samantha O’Reilly

Let’s face it. Every generation there’s something that makes the gap between adults and the young folk even more pronounced. As technology grows by leaps and bounds every day, that gap that was once about rock n’ roll and comic books is now about gigabytes and Xbox 360s.

That’s why Monica Vila, co-founder of ZiffDavis’ own NYC trade show DigitalLife, has launched The Online Mom, a site dedicated to today’s confused parents. In a move not unlike the 1UP network’s own John Davison and his site WhatTheyPlay (man, these ZD people love leaving spaces out of names), which looks to decipher the ins and outs of gaming to moms and dads all over, Vila looks to cover a broader area of the technological age.

“We found that many parents feel ill-equipped to provide the same level of input and guidance in the tech space as they do in other aspects of their children’s development. gives them a lifeline to a constantly changing world that might be unfamiliar to them but is one which their children are experiencing on a daily basis,” said Vila in a recent press release.

The question that comes from all of this is what will be the fate of DigitalLife? After having this year’s show be postponed (aka cancelled) and ZiffDavis still having financial problems, things look rather bleak for one of the only trade shows on the East Coast designed to showcase the cutting edge of gadgets and games.


~ by Andrew Martins on September 9, 2008.

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  1. […] A co-founder of Ziff Davis’ DigitalLife expo, which was cancelled for this year, has started a new website aimed at educating parents about videogames and other information-age topics. [Modus Gamerandi] […]

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