Self-taught man makes complete DS game in five years

Posted at 3:01 am EST

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your room, feverishly moving your stylus around on your Nintendo DS’ touch screen and thought to yourself, “I could make a game like this.” If that’s the case, you might want to set aside five years.

Robert Pelloni has created a 20-hour retail-sized DS game called “Bob’s Game” all by himself. Pelloni, who started the project at 20 years old and completed it at 25, says that on top of the 20 hours of gameplay, there are over 200 hand-drawn sprites, dialogue and even weather effects.

According to Pelloni’s site, “The game industry is evolving rapidly into a new era where titles are made by teams of more than a hundred developers. I saw a window of opportunity quickly closing- what may be the last chance for making a console game to be possible by a single individual.”

In a recent interview with, Pelloni said that the skills needed to pull this off were “pretty much learned as I went along.”

Pelloni hasn’t signed on to a major publisher yet although he said that he’s currently in the works with a couple.

For more on Pelloni and Bob’s Game, check out an interview with him here.


~ by Andrew Martins on September 16, 2008.

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