NY Comic Con: Day One Wrap Up!

New York Comic Con!/photo by Andrew Martins

New York Comic Con!/photo by Andrew Martins

Hey guys, while you were all cozy and warm at home, Andrew and I were braving the harsh New York winds to make it out to Comic Con–our first convention for both, respectively (Digital Life doesn’t count, Andrew).

It was kind of overwhelming at first, to be honest. We were waiting online for a good twenty minutes waiting to be let into the expo hall where everyone was waiting to impress us with their games and comics and general fun and frivolity. We passed a fair amount of weirdly dressed up people in the first 10 minutes (no joke, we saw LuLu from FFX, a hunter from Left4Dead, Rorschach from Watchmen and Robin).

But it was precisely these weird unexpecting moments where Andrew and I were left with a fair amount of post-nerdgasm glory. The expo hall opened up to the new Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars where we met up with the one and only Ken Levine, founding member and creative director of 2K Boston (formerly known as Irrational Games)–which has created such heavy-hitters like Bioshock.

MG's Andrew with Ken Levine, creative director for Bioshock./photo by Karen Rivera

MG's Andrew with Ken Levine, creative director for Bioshock./photo by Karen Rivera

After Andrew and I got over our nerd shocks (and I with my nerd crush on Levine), we made our way over to the Penny Arcade booth and met up with Gabe and Tycho (Mike and Jerry), got some autographs and I made an idiot out of myself. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Karen: Oh my god, I am such a huge fan of you guys. I’ve been reading you guys since high school, like 4 years. (while handing over my book that I had impulsively bought so I wouldn’t look like an idiot walking over to say hello, shaking like a scared little dog.)

Jerry: Wow, that’s a long time!

Karen: Yeah, I just wanted to say that… And that my favorite comic is the “Placenta Sandwich” one. So hilarious.

Jerry: laughs. That was a true conversation.

Karen: Oh dear! Well, uh, thanks!

And then we asked for a photo and Jerry talked about how he looked very feral and told us to come back if we wanted a non-feral Jerry photo. Needless to say, I might have to come back and get a non-feral photo. I want my nerdgasm to be on display!

After that, I think we made our way down to the first panel, the MTV News and Newsweek’s Video Game Clash– Vs. Mode Live! with N’Gai Croal and Stephen Totilo. The featured game developers? None other than Ken Levine and Todd Howard of Fallout 3! Actually, I think Andrew was about to burst into happy pink clouds of happiness and joy when he saw that it was them.

Andrew and Todd Howard, executive producer for Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls series.

Andrew and Todd Howard, executive producer for Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls series.

It was actually very informative and if anything, I learned about the weird game habits that Howard and Levine both have–as in, being obsessed with achievements. They are achievement whores (no offense to them).

I left a little early to check out the scene upstairs in the expo hall where tons of fangirls were waiting for a glimpse of the elusive and uberfamous Sho Sakurai of Arashi–and the new Takashi Miike movie “Yatterman.”

It was absolutely hilarious. Seeing tons of girls packed together, many of them with these decorative (by decorative I mean glitzy and shimmery fairy crap) fans with Sho’s face on it, glittery and colorful–and oh so ridiculous. But I was along with them, watching and waiting for the Japanese superstar to show his face to smile and wave and give his adoring fans one more reason to burst into tears and hyperventilate over how cute he and his band members are.

While waiting, many girls started to chant–er, sing–the band’s song “A – Ra – Shi” while waiting.

And then he showed up. For about 5 seconds.

And the girls exploded, waving, screaming, maybe fainting (actually I’m exaggerating). But it was pandemonium. He of course, was on the second floor, waving through the glass and smiling shyly (one could assume, being almost 50 feet away from him anyway). He seemed overwhelmed by the response and bowed in return.

I just laughed a lot and took some pictures. But on my phone, because I am an utter retard.

Afterwards, Andrew and I met up, grabbed some food and headed out to play some video games. We still haven’t even had the opportunity to play everything! But check out our first impressions on games like GTA:Chinatown Wars and House of the Dead: Overkill.

We peaced out around 7-ish after making rounds through the whole convention. We stopped by Dumbrella and VGCats to check out the scene and peek embarrassedly at Scott Ramsoomair. Overall, I have to say that it was an awesome start, albeit packed and exhausting. It’s midnight and I want to fall asleep forever.

But tomorrow is another day! Check out our twitter for up-t0-date shenanigans at Comic Con!


~ by Karen on February 7, 2009.

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