NY Comic Con: Day two game impressions

picture-019Like the gluttons for punishment we are, we came back to New York for another fun filled day of falling down (while climbing) escalators to bring you more hands-on impressions from the convention floor.

We played a bunch more games this go around and overall, it was a good day. Check it out.

Mad World (Wii)


Andrew playing through Mad World, pwning some bad guys./photo by Karen

I guess there’s no better place to start than the top. Mad World was probably the game I had the most fun with. The highly stylish beat ’em up game for the Wii is as quick as it is fun. Enemies come at you from all directions and it’s your job to dispatch enough of them and get high enough of a score to continue to the next “Bloodbath Challenge.”

The game’s arcadey feel really enhanced the overall feel of the game. While in some cases, violence for violence’s sake can be a really bad thing, *cough*Manhunt 2*cough* Mad World’s over the top gore honestly makes the game seem more inviting. The stark contrast of the red blood over a black and white world emphasises the carnage and it made adults laugh and want to try the game just as much as the teenagers on the floor.

It would have been awesome to play more of the demo but it had to be cut short to move the line along. As a side note, I was told by one of Sega’s reps that I scored one of the highest body count in this one challenge by throwing 23 baddies under a falling spike ceiling of death.

The Conduit (Wii)

The Conduit was another one of those surprises of Comic Con. To be honest, I hadn’t really heard anything about this game prior to the show and wasn’t all too excited when I saw it in passing yesterday. Really, it looked like a shooter normally does on the Wii and I’d been burned before.

Yet once I got my hands on it, I noticed that it was actually a pretty competent game. Controls were moderately easy to get a hold of, depending if you’d ever really played a shooter on the Wii before, so I could see the learning curve being a little harder for those less accustomed to the controls.

Visually, the game looked good for a Wii game. Although it didn’t beat Mad World in that department, it still held its own as a good looking game. The enemy models looked interesting and the guns looked and sounded like they had weight to them, which is probably one of the most important things in a FPS. That being said, it is still a Wii game, so those who are avid shooter gamers already get their fix elsewhere so this could potentially be one of those games lost in the vacuum of the genre.

Velvet Assassin (Xbox 360)

When this game was announced, I was pretty excited for it. The thought of playing a badass female assassin named Violette Summer  during World War II against the Nazis sounded pretty cool. Not only was a strong female protagonist during WW2 new to me, the emphasis on stealth based action piqued my interest after falling head over heels back into another stealth game, last year’s MGS4.

The game itself controlled pretty well, although I think the learning curve for the game might be a little difficult for some. It’s definitely not Metal Gear difficult though. I did manage to get some pretty sweet stealth kills and doing so felt like Manhunt. As I got closer and closer to the back of a Nazi, the screen faded to red, indicating how close I was to striking down my target.

There were some problems, though. For one, the color palette for me was too brown for my tastes. Also, it was almost too easy to alert the guards and once their guns were trained on you, death followed mere seconds afterwards. Still, it was an interesting title and one worth looking out for if you’re jonesing for a romp through the bushes.


~ by Andrew Martins on February 8, 2009.

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