E3 Microsoft Press Conference live blog

Microsoft Press Conference stage. (Photo from Kotaku)

Microsoft Press Conference stage. (Photo from Kotaku)

Although the majority of live blogs out there on the internet will be writtern by people actually in attendance at E3, we here at MG unfortunately didn’t have the funds to get out to the show. That doesn’t mean that we can’t give you an up to the minute account of what we see over the live feed.

1:25: Getting the live stream up. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

1:32: Still have technical problems. Beatles: Rock Band is being played on stage. Graphics are interesting and there are vocal harmonies confirmed.

1:37: 10 songs in the game: Saw Her Standing There, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, I Feel Fine, Day Tripper, Taxman, I Am the Walrus, Back in the U.S.S.R., Octopus’ Garden, Here Comes the Sun and Get Back.

1:40: Full albums are confirmed, of course. The first album will be “Abbey Road” in its entirety and “All You Need is Love” will be an Xbox 360 exclusive with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

1:41: Yoko Ono?! Really?! That’s dumb as hell. “We love you both” says guy. Speak for yourself.

1:42: They just fixed the problem by putting Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr out on stage.

1:44: Well, that was awkward.

1:45: John Schaffard, Microsoft VP. “You are going to see 10 exclusives.”

1:46: Tony Hawk is back out on E3’s stage. Seems to be a yearly thing. Showing the skateboard peripheral for the new Tony  Hawk Ride game.

1:49: That was weird. The feed cut out so we went elsewhere for it. Right now, Modern Warfare 2.

1:50: Snowy climate. Jet fighters going over head. The character you played as in the first is now your captain. Great to see that.

1:53: Visibility in this level is low and the game has a radar-like attachment.

1:54: Bang, bang! Firefight. “That thing’s about to blow, make a run for it!” -Captain Mc.Tavish

1:55: Enemies on snowmobiles. I think I’ve seen this in a movie before. Still doesn’t deter from the badass-ness.

1:56: Aw damn. Now you get on the snowmobile. Looks like it’s character controlled. You can shoot while riding. This is intense. End of demo.

1:57: Two map packs coming out exclusively on Xbox Live first. Then later for PS3.

1:58: Final Fantasy XIII now on stage. Producer and director are out with a translator.

1:59: First look at FFXIII running on 360.

2:00: CHOCOBO! English voice overs. Looks like the PS3 demo.

2:00: Characters named “Lightning” and “Suz”? Yep. It’s Japanese. Four active time gauges, allowing for wider attack tactics.

2:01: Odin is being summoned. Looks like you can attack while using the summon.

2:02: Aiming for a Spring 2010 release.

2:03: Donald Mustard and Cliffy  B out on stage now. First Epic live arcade title, “Shadow Complex.”

2:04: Looks like a side-scrolling 3-d game. Wow, the map is ridiculously large. Reminds me of Castlevania: SOTN with guns. “The campaign is over 10 hours long with a ton of replayability.” -Cliffy B.

2:05: Boss battle shown. Looks to show up on XBLA this Summer.

2:06: JoyRide up. It’s a cartoony racing game using Xbox 360 avatars. Looks to be something for the younger audiences. It will be free to download and play but there will be premium DLC. Coming to XBLA this Winter.

2:08: Is this Crackdown 2?! Looks like it’s taken a bit of a departure from the first. Weird with some kind of sickness.

2:09: Wow, Left 4 Dead 2! New melee weapons. Looks to be set in the Deep South.

2:10: Splinter Cell: Conviction up now. Obviously not gameplay footage.  Looks crazy. This has a lot of action movie cliches and one-liners. Looks sick though. Sam Fisher’s pissed.

2:12: Gameplay footage on now. Crazy interrogation scene in the bathroom.

2:14: Wow, he’s on a mission. People getting shot left and right. This just turned into a must-play.

2:15: EMP Grenade to shut down all electricity. Lots of flashbacks showing up on the walls to drive the story. Sam’s mad about the death of his daughter.

2:17: Released this Fall exclusively on Xbox 360.

2:18: Forza Motorsport 3. Big surprise. Short video followed by Dan Greenwald of Turn 10 coming out with an Audi V10.

2:19: Graphically impressive. Has a full on cockpit view like PGR 3 and 4 had. The guy driving sucked however and rolled his car.

2:20: Running at 60 FPS. 400 manufacturers and 50 car manufacturers.

2:21: Showing customization aspect. One million cars were traded in Forza. I wonder if they’ll show the Swastika Car. Doubt it though.

2:22: Video editor in  FM3. Showing what can be created in the editor. This is almost too well done to be true. I don’t know what regular gamers will be able to do with this.

2:25: Joe  Staten of Bungie out there. Halo 3: ODST shown. We’re watching an actual drop. Looks like it went bad.

2:26: The game takes place weeks before Halo 3. Your character is a rookie seperated from his team in New Mombasa.

2:27. Low-light vision and sound supressed weaponry.

2:28: Wow, the pistol has a zooming functionality and silencer. You  fight as other ODSTs as well. Now seeing the fight through the eyes of Dutch. Looks like he’s a demolition expert.

2:30: Halo 3: ODST coming out 9/22. New Halo project being announced now.

2:31: Halo Reach. Comes out in 2010. Having read the book, this is going to be absolutely insane.

2:32: Purchases of Halo 3: ODST will give access to the Halo Reach beta.

2:33: All in-game footage of  Alan Wake now! Hell yes!

2:34: Looks  like they’re trying to make it look like a TV show. There’s narration from Alan Wake. Even throught the crappy stream quality I can see the graphics look great.

2:35: Looks like the flashlight plays an integra role in gameplay.

2:38: Coming out in Spring 2010.

2:39: Last.fm and  Xbox Live partnership. Only for Xbox Live Gold members for free. Looks like I’m out of that one.

2:40: Netflix: You can add movies to your queue without going to your PC.

2:41: UK & Europe getting partnership with Sky TV so they can have a comparable service. This looks more like digital cable and it’s not at a premium cost.

2:42: 1080p HD video and every movie and tv show will be able to play instantly. Talk about competition for Blu-Ray. Video store will be relaunched as Zune HD.

2:43: Party system for people wanting to watch tv or videos so you can watch with friends.

2:44: Facebook partnership as well?! What the hell?!

2:45: FELICIA DAY! SOOO HOT. She’s showing us Facebook for the 360.

2:47: Twitter on Xbox Live now?! This is getting ridiculous. The interface is cool looking though. Just like Facebook, it’s an instant update. Coming this Fall.


2:51: Metal Gear Solid Rising is next. No Solid Snake.

2:52: Next game is about Raiden. So what about the Big Boss picture?

2:53: Great. Talk about motion controls.

2:54: Motion controls are not what you think. There’s a sensor bar that shows personal movements. Shows people driving with their hands with no controls.

2:55: Full body motion capture. This is absolutely nuts. Shown racing and skating.

2:56: Facial recognition. You can pick up and grab things on the screen.

2:57: Voice recognition as well. Looks like you can control the New Xbox Live Experience with your hands and turn off the console with voice. Just a concept video but wow, that’s cool.

2:58: This whole thing is called Project Natal. Sensor tracks 3d movement and voice. Natal will work with every 360 they’ve sold and will sell.

2:59: “We can leap into the new era of entertainment without having to release a new console.”

3:00: Stephen Spielberg on stage now. “Still, 60% of households don’t have a gaming console.”

3:03: Dashboard demo of Project Natal. Recognizes his face and signs him in automatically.

3:04: Showing movement through the menus. Wow, now they’re showing a game with this project. I’m speechless. This is like that show Nick Arcade on steroids.

3:06: “No need for waggle controls.” DAYUM, SON! Awesome dig against Ninty.

3:07: 3d art demo called Paint Party. It’s impressive to see the movement actually showing up on screen.

3:10: He just painted an elephant on the plains of Africa. This is absolutely insane but I can see so many dick pictures all over Xbox Live already. Be afraid, Nintendo. Be very afraid.

3:11: Peter Molyneux coming out on stage to show his interaction with Project Natal.

3:12: “What we want to create is a connection between our worlds.”

3:13: Showing a video at Lionhead Studios. It’s showing a character on screen recognizing emotions, voice and such. “Milo” is actually speaking with the actual person.

3:15: Every hand movement in water is being recognized

3:16: The girl drew on a piece of paper, put it up to the camera and Milo picked up the piece of paper, saw the picture and commented on it. As they were leaving, Milo told the woman to say happy birthday to her mother.

3:17: This whole thing will be shown behind closed doors at E3. This is absolutely insane.

3:19: That’s about it. Live feed is over.


~ by Andrew Martins on June 1, 2009.

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