E3 ’09: Sony Press Conference Live Blog


It’s round two for today’s main press conferences as technology giant Sony gets set to show what they have planned at E3. Hit the jump and see a minute-by-minute update of the presser.

2:01: Sony live feed is up and running. We’re set to kick off the final press conference of the big three at E3. Waiting for the show to officially begin.

2:09: It’s starting.

2:11: Montage showing many games like Bayonetta, Brutal Legend, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and Singstar: Queen.

2:13: Sony President and CEO Jack Tretton takes the stage. “Thank God you guys showed up. Given this industry’s ability to keep confidential industry information confidential, I was amazed anyone came.”

2:14: 364 games set to release to the Playstation systems this year.

2:16: Playstation games accounted for 30% of retail sales in ’08.

2:17: Nearly 9 million PS2 users added last year. “”It continues to be a huge value for consumers.” PS2 will feature nearly 100 new titles this year.

2:19: 24 million new PSN accounts in 2008.

2:20: Tretton introduces Evan Wells from Naughty Dog to show Uncharted 2.

2:21: We see Nathan Drake near a pool. Members of the crowd are audibly cheering.

2:22: Graphically this game looks amazing. Just like its predecessor. Multiplayer beta starts tonight at midnight. Drake and his female partner are being shot at by an Apache attack chopper.

2:23: Nathan can now make cover for himself. There’s an intense firefight right now. Looks like there’s a lot more combat this go around.

2:26: Tretton introduces Andy Bodwin of Zipper Interactive to show live gameplay of the 256 player first person shooter, MAG.

2:27: Showing a live 256 player match. On stage there are a squad of 8 and they have their own mission in such a large battle. There’s an over-head “Platoon-Leader” view that shows a dot for each player on his team.

2:31: Spawn point moves forward as they press through the base. End of demo before the complete assault.

2:32: Tretton back on stage, talking about the PSP. Expect the PSPGo! coming up.

2:33: 15 Million users added for PSP last year, making it 50 million total. Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines coming to PSP on Nov. 10.

2:34: SCE CEO Kaz “Riiiiidge Racer” Hirai now takes the stage.

2:35: PSP Go! shown. Looks like Kaz has a white one.

2:36: “We have a couple of names for this little device. First is the ‘worst-kept secret of E3” -Hirai. Says it won’t replace the PSP-3000 or UMD.

2:37: 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the PSP-1000. Has 16 GB of internal flash memory, built-in wi-fi, plays the same games and bluetooth capability.

2:38: Media Go is new PC content transfer program for PSP. Completely free.

2:39: Sense Me is a new music program for PSP which goes through your library and picks songs based on a mood you choose.

2:40: All PSP games will be up for download as well as UMD at retail. “All of the services and features are there for every device.” Sounds like they’re attacking on two fronts. That’s a little weird.

2:40: PSP Go will cost $249.99 in U.S. and Europe this October 1.

2:42: Kazunouri Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital takes the stage to show Gran Turismo for PSP.

2:44: Gran Turismo PSP will run at 60 FPS. “Gran Turismo contains 800 cars, 35 tracks and 60 layouts of those tracks.” Single-player modes contain time trials and a mode to improve driving skills.

2:45: “Though this is on a small piece of hardware, this is a full sized Gran Turismo game.” Up to 4 player multiplayer.

2:46: You can trade cars between players. “Because there is over 800 cars in the game, it will be fairly difficult to get all the games yourself. With the help of your friends, it will be much easier.”

2:48: Video shown for Gran Turismo PSP.

2:50: Gran Turismo will release on October 1 with the PSP Go. Hirai is talking about MGS. Hideo Kojima takes the stage.

2:51: “Snake is coming back on the PSP.” Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Setting is in the 1970s. Woo! Big Boss! “This is a true sequel of the Metal Gear franchise.”

2:52: Kojima is writing the script and producing the game. MGS4 team will be working on this game as well. Trailer is showing.

2:53: Trailer starts with a nuke going off. Sweet deal. “Mutually assured destruction” brought up. My kind of trailer.

2:54: The game will focus on Outer Heaven. Lots of Big Boss sneaking around.

2:55: Four Big Bosses? What? Looks like there’s a new Metal Gear? Maybe it’s a UFO?

2:56: “They believed they were creating a paradise.” Trailer ends with multiple Snakes hiding in the same box. Game is coming out in 2010.

2:58: Jack Tretton takes the stage. Talks about Resident Evil: Portable for the PSP, made from the ground up for PSP. Releasing next year.

2:59: Mentions Little Big Planet, SOCOM, Motorstorm, Hannah Montana (some applause lol) and others. Trailer with footage from coming games of 2009.

3:00-3:03: LBP, Jak & Daxter, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, Star Wars Battlefront, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3, Soulcalibur, Madden NFL 10, some Petz games, Rock Band Unplugged and others are shown throughout the reel.

3:03: 24 million PSN users in 55 countries. Tretton is touting free access to PSN

3:04: PSone classics growing with 50 games coming this year. Final Fantasy 7 today!

3:05: Here comes the Playstation Home segment. Hard to keep my interest here. Over 6.5 million Playstation Home users worldwide. Over 100 new items each month.

3:07: Home montage is playing. Shows different areas modeled after games like Resident Evil and what I think is Rock Band.

3:08: Here comes the PS3 portion! Video of “what’s on tap for the Playstation 3”

3:09: Uncharted 2, Infamous, Madden NFL 10, Final Fantasy XIII, MAG, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, Dirt 2, Overlord 2, Ghostbusters, Tekken 6, Overlord II, Red Faction Guerrilla, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Dark Void, G-Force, Planet 51, Karaoke Revolution, Heavy Rain, Battlefield 1943, Gravity CrashNinja Gaiden II Sigma, Mafia II, Buzz Quiz World, Hustle Kings, Trash Panic, Critter Crunch, Katamari Forever, Fat Princess, EyePet, Singstar: Queen just to name most of them.

3:14: Tretton talking about Rockstar. Introduces PS3 Exclusive Rockstar North game called Agent. Looks to be an espionage game set in the 1970s.

3:15: Assassin’s Creed II coming up. Live demo of the game.

3:16: Showing Enzio fly around the city with Leonardo DaVinci’s glider. Looks like you can dive into bales of hay still, although enemies can search for you in them now.

3:20: Looks like your targets still talk to you when you kill them but not nearly as much as the first game. Ooh, a smoke bomb. Enzio can swim to get away, too.

3:21: Assassin’s Creed II looks to come out this Holiday season.

3:21: Tretton comes back to intro a new FFXIII video.

3:23: Looks like just a story trailer. Beautiful visuals but I’d rather see some actual gameplay. Still looks like the Japanese RPG archetype of androgynous characters is still alive and well. “The whole world’s out to get us.”

3:24: Showing some battle footage. There’s no doubt this game will be a blockbuster.

3:25: Final Fantasy XIV announced by Tretton. Coming out 2010 and it’s an exclusive. Showing a trailer.

3:26: Trailer reveals the game is called Final Fantasy XIV Online. A new FF MMO on the PS3? “So there’s one that didn’t leak out, huh?” -Tretton

3:27: Tretton is talking motion controllers. Mentions EyeToy. Brings out two engineers involved with the PS3 motion controller. I wonder how they’re feeling after Project Natal.

3:29: Looks like a black Wii remote with a ball at the end. The ball is so the Playstation Eye will pick it up. Boasts 1:1 tracking.

3:32: Demo showing weapons, sports equipment and such in a fully 3D control scheme.

3:36: This is pretty interesting, actually. Of course this is all a tech demo but it’s interesting. Not as cool as what Microsoft showed but still.

3:38: Showing shriuken throws and shooting arrows with these controllers. Tech demo comes to an end.

3:39: Interesting set up. “See? Not everything got out.” -Tretton.

3:41: Tretton welcomes William Hoe and James Grieve from United Front Games to show ModNation Racers, a new title in the Play, Create and Share line.

3:43: Character and car creation at the forefront of this demo.  Graphics look great.

3:45: Track creation called Track Studio also part of this game. Looks like it’s pretty easy to create the track itself.

3:47: Track creation looks amazingly fun. ModNation Racers looks like it could be a good game.

3:50: ModNation Racers is comign out 2010.

3:51: Tretton introduces a trailer for The Last Guardian, a game from the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

3:53: Shows a young boy and a large dog/lizard looking thing. It’s a more polished trailer than the one that leaked a while ago.

3:54: Looks like the kind of story about a boy and his dog. This team knows how to make touching looking characters out of a speech-less story.

3:55: Combat is shown. The landscape is lush and beautiful. Has the same feel as Shadow of the Colossus.

3:56: Gran Turismo 5 trailer.

3:57: Que your average high speed, high res trailer of cars racing in lavish environments.

3:58: Tretton introduces God of War III. FINALLY.

3:59: Looks like we’re getting a live demo of the game. Kratos looks ridiculously detailed. Enemies are barrelling toward Kratos and he quickly dispatches them.

4:01: Harpies are back and we get a glimpse at Helios fighting one of the Titans. Looks like Kratos still has the wings of Icarus.

4:02: Kratos has some new moves. Nice. He’s taking on a centaur now.

4:03: Wow, he completely eviscerated the centaur. Brutal.

4:05: I don’t know what he’s killing but it looks mighty painful.

4:06: The demo gets cut short and the crowd is audibly disappointed. That game looks absolutely nuts and is due in 2010.

4:06: “Other companies ask you to imagine the future of gaming and we’ve had the pleasure of showing you the future of gaming.”

And there ends the conference. The three have shown their hands and now it’s up to the rest of us to see what will come from them. Stick around as we hand out our grades for the Nintendo and Sony conferences.


~ by Andrew Martins on June 2, 2009.

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