Modern Warfare 2 fans get mixed bag of news


Chomping at the bit to play Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC? Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling divulged a little bit of good and bad news concerning the game’s multiplayer. In a twitter update earlier today, Bowling reported that gamers wouldn’t have to wait to play it, as well as other bits of information.

“No delay on PC for Modern Warfare 2. You’ll also have Prestige Mode in PC as well as lots of Steam support. Hopefully min specs will be soon.”

However, that wasn’t all Bowling had to say today about the game. Hit the jump for what he had to say about its multiplayer and matchmaking elements.

Bowling then chatted with the guys at Bash and Slash on their podcast about multiplayer on the PC, discussing Infinity Ward’s new matchmaking system.

“We’ve been building up this system on the back-end called IWnet to allow matchmaking for our PC users as well, just like you have on a console that’s built in on Xbox Live and PSN but the PC never had it, so we’re building our own matchmaking so you can get in there and play with players your same rank.”

When asked if IWnet would interfere with the in-game browser, Bowling said something that caused messages of concern to pop up all over Infinity Ward’s forums from their users.

“At the time, we’re completely reliant on IWnet and there’s no dedicated server or server list. You rely on IWnet for matchmaking and finding your games.”

Bowling confirmed that although the game will work through Steam, the matchmaking aspect will not, saying that Steam will work in conjunction with IWnet. That also means MW2 will no longer be using Punkbuster, a popular anti-cheating mechanism, instead going for Steam’s VAC. He also went on to say that although there will be no dedicated servers, online matches can still be customizable through private matches.

So, PC gamers, how does this move to a proprietary, peer-to-peer matchmaking system influence your decision on this game? Is it still a first day purchase or are you going to wait to hear about IWnet?

Check out the unedited podcast here. Robert Bowling shows up at 1:40:00.


~ by Andrew Martins on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 fans get mixed bag of news”

  1. Nice read! I cant wait till Modern Warfare 2 is released! Not long to go now 🙂

    Sodagod @ Modern Warfare 2 Forums

  2. Why not listen to their fans in the game? At 2 days, the petition went up to over 110,000 people who are against this, we want dedicated servers.

    Consider some of your fans who play PC and not just those who play on consoles !!!

    I am one of many who will not buy the new game.

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