E3 ’10: Microsoft Press Conference live blog


Even though we here at MG are still working hard at changing the site and providing you with quality gaming coverage, E3 waits for no one.

The first conference is coming shortly, so sit tight and get your F5 pressing finger ready. All times will be in Eastern Standard Time.

1:31 – And here we… go!

1:31 – Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer to start off. Seen most of this footage before. Exploding crossbow rounds, sinking helicopter and the SR-71.

1:33 – Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia takes the stage to show first gameplay footage of Black Ops. Looks to be in Vietnam, crawling through Viet-Cong tunnels. Intense.

1:36 – Honestly, the graphics look great.

1:36 – Oh man, they’re stealing a Hind. A HIND-D?! (Oh, reference humor.)

1:38 – I just realized that the player is controlling the Hind’s flight. Strafing runs on enemy bridges… this looks like it could be a blast to play.

1:39 – Microsoft guy John Matrick comes on stage. Announces Call of Duty map packs and game add-ons will be timed exclusives until 2012.

1:41 – Here comes “Kinect” aka Project Natal.

1:42 – Hideo Kojima now on stage. Very first footage of Metal Gear: Rising coming.

1:43 – Introduces Shigunobu Matsuyama. Fellow producer with Kojima on that game.

1:44 – Raiden just rocked a crazy robot. Cut him in half and took something, following the game’s mantra of “Zan-Datsu”.

1:45 – Raiden’s cutting people like it’s nothing. Something tells me Natal is involved.

1:46 – Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is on stage now. “Our mission is to create blockbuster experiences you can’t find anywhere else.”

1:48 – Cliff Bleszinski is on stange now. Red controller in hand and he’s going to demo 4 player co-op in Gears of War 3. Marcus and gang are going to be ambushed on the way to a fortress.

1:50 – First footage of Lambent enemy gameplay. Very brutal looking.

1:51 – Lambent enemies, as previously reported, mutate on the fly according to the battle that’s going on around them.

1:52 – Why are the people playing mic’d? I want to hear the game, not their commands to “go, go, go.”

1:53 – Peter Molyneux now on stage to talk about Fable 3. Says it’s set five decades after Fable 2.

1:56 – Fable 3 seems a bit more action oriented while keeping with the story.

1:57 – Codename: Kingdoms shown. New Crytek game.

1:58 – Guy from Bungie on stage to show some footage of Halo: Reach’s single-player campaign.

2:01 – Elites raining down via drop-pods on the players. Looks more and more like the original Halo (which is always a good thing.)

2:05 – Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President for Xbox Live now on stage.

2:05 – “Imagine when you can watch a movie without a remote or play a game without a controller, all within your living room.”

2:06 – Engineer Ron showcases Kinect in action. Waves at it to sign in.

2:07 – Uses voice commands to get to Zune. Now uses hand motions to select movies and move around the time marker in the movie with his hand.

2:08 – Says “Xbox – pause” to pause movie. This is pretty crazy.

2:09 – “Xbox – Play music” Justin Bieber comes on. Fail.

2:10 – Whitten back on stage. Some talk about Xbox live and Windows Phone 7. ZzzZZzZzZ

2:11 – VideoKinect being shown off by Engineer Laura. “What I love about Kinect is that it’s not just about video games.”

2:13 – Watch movies together over. The camera will automatically follow you if you move around.

2:15 – ESPN & Xbox 360 exclusive partnership. Over 3500 live and on-demand sports events. Guys from SportsCenter Josh Elliot and Trey Wingo on stage now.

2:19 – Real time polls and trivia to get into the game.

2:20 – Real time score updates without leaving the game.

2:21 – Whitten back on. That ESPN stuff will be available to Xbox Live Gold members for no extra cost.

2:22 – Kudo Tsunoda on stage. Creative director of Kinect. Maybe we’ll actually see the bottom of an Xbox avatar’s shoe this year. *Rimshot*

2:24 – First game for Kinect is Kinectimals. Little girl playing with a tiger cub.

2:26 – KinectSports now shown. Hm, that name sounds familiar…

2:27 – Hurdling is shown. Lots of running in place and jumping. KinectSports sizzle reel coming up.

2:29 – Soccer, Bowling, Track, Ping Pong, Boxing and Volleyball among the events in KinectSports.

2:30 – Kinect JoyRide up next. Looks like it controls just like the Burnout demonstration from last year, with the hands in the shape of a steering wheel.

2:32 – Kinect Adventures next. Using your whole body to move around and avoid obstacles.

2:34 – Man, these people are so annoying. They’re showing another Kinect Adventures event.

2:35 – Once you’re done playing, photos taken during the game can be posted on the web like Facebook.

2:36 – Sizzle reel now of other Kinect launch games. YourShape by Ubisoft is another fitness game but it looks like it follows movements to know if you’re doing the workouts properly.

2:39 – Ubisoft rep showing the game. Game scans the body. Brings up height, sholder span and other stats. Makes all of the game’s menus within reach.

2:40 – Personal coach shows how to do workouts properly with an on screen trainer. Keeps tally of burned calories.

2:42 – Zen class for cooldown.

2:44 – MTV Games and Harmonix game called Dance Central. Kinect picking up the dance moves.

2:45 – Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopolous on stage now.

2:47 – Game has “Break it down” mode that teaches players how to move.

2:48 – Looks like that’s another great Harmonix game.

2:50 – Kinect launching November 4 of this year. More than 15 launch titles.

2:51 – OMG Lightsaber game from LucasArts.

2:52 – Lightsaber duel with Darth Vader?!

2:52 – Turn 10 people on stage to show driving using Kinect.

2:54 – “You can walk right up to a car and interact with it.”

2:57 – Don Mattrick back on stage. “In the decade ahead, we will reach beyond the tens of millions to the hundreds of millions and more.”

2:58 – New Xbox 360 has Built-in Wifi and 250 GB HDD. Same price as current 360. $299.99

2:59 – New Xbox 360 shipping to stores NOW. Coming to stores within the next week. Everyone in the crowd at the theatre are getting one for free.

3:00 – And that’s a wrap. Microsoft just pulled a Sega Saturn on us with the instant release of the new 360. Expect in depth reactions later within the day.


~ by Andrew Martins on June 14, 2010.

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