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The apocalypse, zombies, RPGs and video games.

We hope that’s enough for you guys to start salivating at our blog.

Just kidding.

So here’s some little bios about the two of us:

Karen (Co-founder/Editor in Chief): The child who should have been born in Japan, and accidentally landed in New Jersey in the hands of two Latin American parents. They thought I was going to be born a boy. I guess all those thoughts created a hybrid of AWESOMENESS. Anyway, here I am, novice to the public blogosphere of gaming. I am a fervent admirer of (almost) anything Japanese, including but not limited to: Katamari Damacy, Japanese music (of all sorts, so all you crazies pegging me for an Otaku… you’re kind of right), sushi, noodles, Phoenix Wright, Nintendo DS (my best friend), Japanese language, rhythm games, almost any fighting game, anime and Manga. Unfortunately, I am also a journalist, which means that I will probably have to be a nomad and somehow get my way to the land of the rising sun and live there as a rural villager, raising 5 children on a rice field and drinking copious amounts of sake at night.

I have also been bestowed the wonderful power of understanding English, Spanish, French and Japanese. I grew up with mostly older cousins who helped me foster an early love for video games with popular titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, DarkStalkers, and of course, Zombies ate my Neighbors. I will probably write about all sorts of silly things, but mostly games that appeal to me, and any sort of girl-ish takes on awesome video games. Between Andrew and I, we represent almost every kind of gamer and every system. I currently own a Nintendo DS Lite, a Wii and a PS3. I hope to give you guys a different take on game reviews and just gaming life in general. If not, well then there’s always Penny Arcade. Cheers!

Stalk me! Contact me (kind of)!

Top Five Current Favorite Games: Persona (PSP), Rock Band (360), Plants vs. Zombies (PC/Mac) *Updated Spring 2010*

Recently Played: Voice of reason for Andrew’s Heavy Rain (PS3) playthrough (shouldn’t have killed that dude!), World of Goo (PC/Mac/Wii), Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS)

Random Fact: I’ve been told that the “Katamari Damacy” soundtrack could double as the soundtrack of my life. I concur.

Andrew (Co-founder/Editor in Chief):Throughout my years, there have been a few key phrases that I’ve heard uttered in my presence that I feel describes me. “Andrew’s a guy.” “He likes games.” “He’s the Viceroy of Badassery.”

…Well, not so much the last one… Although it’d be awesome if someone did call me that. *nudge, nudge*

Anyways, I’m just your average gamer with a boner for the apocalypse. I’ve been gaming since I was 7 years old when I was given a Sega Genesis and Sonic 2. Ever since that fateful Christmas Day, I’ve been pretty much trying to keep up with the times, playing games on almost every system I could get my hands on (that damn TurboGrafx-16 still eludes me), with my favorite genres being more on the action side of things like FPS and RTS. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good arcade racer, platformer or RPG.

I primarily play my Xbox 360 (achievements are my crack) and PS3, although I own a Wii, Xbox, PS2, PSP, DS, SNES, NES, Genesis, N64 and Dreamcast. I also have a pretty decent gaming computer.

In terms of writing, I’m new to blogging but I’ve written for a handful of gaming websites such as XGPGaming, FeverGaming and’s console division, DPAD. Like Karen, I’m studying to become a journalist. Yet while some in the concentration are more focused on being the next Jake Hooker or Katie Couric (poor souls), I’ve wanted to be a game journalist since I decided to take up the profession.

Currently Playing: Final Fantasy VIII (PS1), Rock Band 2 (360), Guitar Hero: Metallica (360), inFAMOUS (PS3), Killzone: Liberation (PSP), Day of Defeat: Source (PC)

Random Fact: Gaming is just one of my hobbies. I also love to perform and have been involved in theatre, radio and have dabbled in fronting heavy metal cover bands.

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